The Republic of KaZantip By Night

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It is so hot during the days in August at KaZantip that you don't realize how many people are actually at the festival until the night time. To say it came to life was the understatement of the year. All of the structures light up and there are people everywhere. It was truly amazing to see this first hand. 

(Main Stage, Open Air, KaZantip, 2012) 

(Some really cool structures lit up @ night, KaZantip, 2012)

The two of us felt like aliens that day & night! KaZantip is a totally different world! To get from structure to structure you are literally walking across metal walkways that connect each structure through the air. It's so cool! 

(Techno Wives @ KaZantip, 2012)

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The Junkies opened up for Dubfire at one of the coolest stages. I didn't even realize where we were until the sun came up. The view was so gorgeous at this stage because it overlooked the beach and sea.  


(Vince from the Junkies @ KaZantip, 2012)

Nights quickly turn into mornings and that's when the magic happens! There is nothing better than techno, sunrise, dancing and happiness first thing in the morning! This party that the boys played at went until around lunch time... Dubfire, Junkies & Carlo Lio! Was insane to say the least! Then we went to an after party in a structure that looked like a nest and had three eggs on the top. We didn't feel the heat or realize how dehydrated we were until the walk back to the hotel after that night and day. The walk back honestly felt like WE were the walking dead. lol!

(Dubfire @ KaZantip, 2012)

(Carlo LIo Sunrise Session @ KaZantip, 2013) 

(Photo taken at the Nest afterparty, KaZantip 2012)

After party gear! Love this summery festie piece! 

We had to be really creative with out meal planning as there is no such thing as room service, and the restaurant had run out of meat by the time we got back from the party. So we raided the mini-market and literally had a chip & deli meat party when we got back to the room but whatever... the experience was worth it! The bathroom situation was a whole other adventure but that's to be expected at any big festival!

(Bathrooms @ KaZantip, 2012)

 (Chip & Deli Meat After Party!)

We feel truly grateful that we got to experience KaZantip at the original location. It was definitely one of the most incredible festival experiences we have ever had!

 Bob Sinclair filmed his Cinderella Music Video at the original KaZantip!

Take a look:


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