3 Blondes Walk into a Paint Brush.... Secret Lives... & JessGo Artist Collaboration

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Secret Lives… is always look for ways to create original pieces of clothing that you can’t find in stores. We want people to be able to buy clothing from us that is as unique and funky as they are! We were lucky enough to be able to collaborate with Jessica Gorlicky aka JessGo, a Toronto based artist who has travelled the world sharing her love and passion for art all over.


Jessica is an incredible performance artist who captivates audiences everywhere she goes.

The day of our photoshoot we were able to meet up with Jessica at her private studio. It is such a cool space where magic happens and inspires endless creativity. The art she creates is colourful, culturally relevant and gives you such an awesome feeling- mind blown is the feeling I’m getting at! Every piece we saw we were like “Oh my god I love this!” we kept repeating that over and over.

Jessica is a natural behind the camera, she made it really easy to shoot her collection which is as fun, original and beautiful as she is. It is truly an honour to be able to work with such a humble, open-minded and creative artist like Jess. We are over the moon with this collection and are so excited to share it with you!

Take a look at her art and what we were able to create from it!

Rebirth Collection:


Janice Joplin Collection:

Purple Rain Collection:

Lana Del Rey Collection:

Bridget Bardot Collection:


LOVE Collection:

Rihanna Collection:

You can find the full JessGo collection on our Secret Lives... homepage. Enjoy!





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