Unicorns, Ferris Wheels and Leggings!!!

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Co-founders of Secret Lives..., Heidi & Gabi met back in 2009. Both avid clubbers in the Toronto scene had oddly never crossed paths. One magical night, the two were formally introduced and the rest is history. 


Our first trip as BFFs was to WMC in 2010. We had never been away together and you never know how that can turn out! We quickly discovered that we both love pulling missions, techno music, running around clubs, making new adventures, discovering new places, unicorns and riding magical ferris wheels! That trip lead to years of travelling together all over the world from festival to festival and party to party!


We've had some of the most memorable times together; like that one time we went for lunch, decided to get tattoos, then go to DC10 in Ibiza! 

In the summer of 2013, after another European adventure at Tomorrowland, we came up with the name of our company but had no concept. For over two years we played around with ideas and could never really decide on what we wanted to do. 

In the summer of 2015 we finally decided that this was going to be the year that we get serious about starting a business. With the support and encouragement of our amazing boys, we got the ball rolling.

The idea was presented that we needed to do something that we know and love, something that we're obsessed with, something we can be creative with, and what better do we know than music, travelling, and enjoying life?... leggings! Finally we had a concept and it was time to bring this project to life. 














Over the past few months, we've worked really hard to make our vision a reality and without further ado we present to you: 


Secret Lives... of Techno Wives. 


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