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The Most Magical Place in the World

Ibiza is an island that is so special for so many people all over the world. It is one of those places that generates so much positive energy and so much excitement and anticipation by all who visit each year. Part of the mystery of Ibiza is it’s pirate history, the bohemian lifestyle, the hippies who came in the 60s and never left, the lost city of Atlantis, the parties, and the magic of Es Vedra all keep people coming back for more.

I finished my OACs (grade 13) in Europe where I travelled through France, Italy and Greece, literally performing Julius Caesar where he died back in 1999, and that was absolutely life changing experience for me. I came home from that trip and felt so disconnected from my little sheltered life in Thornhill, I found it so hard to reconnect with all my friends, and I felt like my whole world had been blown up but in a good way. I wasn’t interested in anything from my old life, I caught the Europe bug which in turn shaped the next decade and a half of my life. Up to that point in my life, my travelling experience was rather limited and there was really no way that I could have prepared myself for that trip. It was a game changer and I will never forget how I felt my first time there.

As soon as I could afford to get back to Europe (which I couldn’t I just used my credit card lol!) I started visiting the island in the early 2000s. I fell in love with Ibiza for so many reasons, it was was completely different from anywhere I had ever been before. In those days Ibiza was so different from how it is now, everything was smaller, everything felt surreal, everything was new and exciting. There was no Ushuaia, no Hard Rock and Space terrace wasn’t covered yet! House music was the music of the day and it was everywhere. I couldn’t believe that there was an island that embraced my way of life. I lived and breathed house music, being with my friends who shared the same love for it as I did, and partying. It couldn’t be more perfect if I had designed it myself! Back in those days we stayed at JET and it was the place to be. Actually, I had no idea there was more to Ibiza than Playa D’en Bossa! We spent our days at Bora Bora and nights at Space, Amnesia and just being on the beach. We ate at Moorea and Pago Pago every day and spent so much time lying on those beds at Ancient People.

(Photo taken at Ancient People @ Jet, Playa D'en Bossa, Ibiza 2002)

Meeting famous DJs was so surreal as well. I remember the owner of Ancient People took me and introduced me to Mistress Barbara and I almost passed out! I remember so clearly she was sitting on one of the white beds with chiffon curtains all around her, it was a scene right out of a movie. We even caught a glimpse of Jamiroquai who frequented the island at that time and met some of the coolest people and definitely fell in love with everything!

(Jamiroquai in VIP @ Amnesia, Ibiza 2002)

The people that we met had been to the island multiple times and knew all the spots and we rented a car and went adventuring. One of the places we stopped at was Salinas, but the nude side and I was in total shock. I was definitely sheltered before I went on this trip and my eyes were opened to say the least! We went cliff diving somewhere in San Antonio which is something I had never even considered before. I am scared of heights and I still can’t believe I did it. I have never felt so free, it was such a rush! I did that jump multiple times, even though I was shaking like a leaf. Ibiza is all about getting out of your comfort zone and just being free.

 (Photo taken moments before jumping of the cliff! Ibiza 2002) 

(Action shots 2002!)

Since that year, I have been back to Ibiza over 15 times. I guess that’s dating me but as I get older, the island gets even more magical and special to me. I long for it all year. It’s such a weird feeling but I don’t feel at home anywhere like I do when the plane lands on the strip in the Ibiza airport. A feeling of complete tension release and ability to breathe comes over me the second that plane hits the ground. You will never see a bigger smile on my face than the one you see the second I walk off that plane. In our 15 years of being on the Island, we have become friends and family with the people we see every year. A year can go by with limited contact with people, but as soon as we see each other again it’s as if we never missed a beat. No pun intended. There are many advantages to being a Techno Wife… especially when you are with an amazing DJ who gets to play at some of the best clubs in the the world, with the best DJs in the world! It’s truly amazing and I will forever be grateful for these experiences and moments. Nothing compares!

As I mentioned earlier, at one point we thought Playa D’en Bossa was Ibiza and we never really ventured out anywhere except to see the sunset once or twice in San Antonio. I feel that was mostly because when we planned a trip to ibiza in our 20s it was all about the party. We loved being there and going to the beach to catch a tan sure, but our primary purpose was night life and often missed the day time. As we’ve matured, we’ve been lucky to realize how much the island has to offer. Trust me, there is so much more to Ibiza than Playa D’en Bossa.

I can't believe I forgot about this video, but the guy who created it was staying with us on this trip! We clearly had very different experiences even though we were there at the same time. To me Ibiza was all about HOUSE music, and 99% of people who go to the island would agree with me! I was never a fan of trance (sorry guys but it's true.) The music of the day was house music and it was magical, however this video was filmed in 2002 and is full of fun memories regardless of it being completely biased and from the point of view of a trance fan! I even made a small guest appearance if you look carefully ;) This video is also where the DJ Duo COCODRILLS got their name! 


People always give us a face of disgust when we say that we prefer to stay in and around San Antonio Bay, and in turn, I feel bad for them as they clearly have yet to explore. The best decision we ever made was taking the party out west! I am someone who meditates on a daily basis and I need that in my life to feel complete and whole. I use an app that allows me to watch an ocean or a sunset… but why use an app when Ibiza has the most incredible sunsets I have ever experienced in my life. Everyday, against my hubby’s will, we go and watch the sunset. I’m over using the word magic in this post- but it’s the best word to describe what transpires in front of your eyes when you're on the west end of the island.

(Sunset @ the Infamous Cafe D'el Mar, San Antonio)

Summer of 2015, we discovered an area called Port Des Torrent. I felt like I had discovered Ibiza all over again. All the feelings I had back in 2002 came rushing back, and  the first day we arrive we extended our trip to stay even longer. The area is more family oriented which in your 30s you totally appreciate and the beach was more private and quaint. There is a beach bar called Imagine Bar that probably has the best mojitos on the whole island and the view of the sunset is tough to beat. There is nothing better than eating patatas bravas while listening to classic house and watching the sunset. There just isn’t.

(Photo taken @ Imagine Bar, Port Des Torrent)

Every year we go I make a new list of places to explore, restaurants that must be tried and new beaches to discover. If Ibiza is still on your bucket list, or if you go every year but don’t venture out from Bossa or Ibiza Town then take my advice- rent a car and go!

The next few blogs in the Ibiza Blog Series will include pictures to the places that are a MUST see for every Ibitha lover. I am also continuing my personal list for this year’s Must Do’s! I will not talk about my negative experiences and unfortunately there have been some- but if you are looking to book a trip and you want some advice feel free to contact us and ask for tips!

The best part about Ibiza, is that every trip, every year, each group of friends you plan with has it's own vibe and own rhythm. What will your trip to Ibiza be like?



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