The People of Tomorrowland!

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Tomorowland is one of the world's most famous and popular EDM festivals. People wait all year for the chance to get tickets and when the day finally arrives to buy them you sit anxiously with your finger hovering over the mouse to click that "purchase now" button. 

Our first year attending the festival was in 2013 and we literally planned for the trip all year. The day the tickets went on sale we sat and waited for them to be released... and when they were... they sold out in less than an hour and we couldn't get the tickets!!! Not only were we freaking out since we already booked our flights plus hotel, we were so devastated and couldn't believe that this event we had been planning for what felt like forever might not happen! We picked ourselves off the floor, put our big girl pants on and like evil geniuses we started to plot our way to the festival! It came down to the last few weeks before the festival was to begin and we still didn't have our tickets! We were going to just take the loss for our hotel and flight booking, when one day the Tomorrowland gods came to us in a hotel room in Montreal! lol! Thank goodness we know some very resourceful people in the industry who were beyond generous and were able to get us wrist bands, and off we went just like that! 

When we arrived in Brussels, we booked a hotel which seemed like a great deal online- but when we arrived there was NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! We are proudly Canadian and we cannot handle a room with no AC! That is just not an option for us... so after a few hours of stress, anxiety and searching we were able to get over to another hotel that stated they had AC on their website... but clearly people who live in Belgium have no idea what AC really is! LOL! It was a room with what appeared to be an air conditioning unit... but just regular air was coming out! SO at this point we sucked it up and started getting ready for the festival! 

As I mentioned above, we planned this trip for months and of course prepping your outfits is # 1 priority. (We hope that Secret Lives... will be your festival gear source for this year!) Appropriately so, we found matching bodycon dresses that would be show stoppers as they say, and they were a hit! Dressing up definitely makes the Tomorrowland experience so much more enjoyable. 

When we arrived at the gates we were so pumped up and excited until we realized we had to go to will call to get our wrist bands in THE LONGEST lineup. There were 20 open ticket windows but the specific line up that had our particular bands was at least a two hour wait. There was no way we could wait two hours we were way too pumped up and excited! ADD'ing all over the place! But, before we even realize Gabi had gone off, made her way straight to the front of the line and got us our wrist bands in less than 20 minutes. I still have no idea how she did this but I will forever be amazed by her skills!

Once we were in we literally reverted back to being 10 years old and just ran around like the free spirited children we are deep inside. I always joke around about being "Heidi in Wonderland" and this is the only way I can describe this festival. The people of Tomorrowland get to be Alice!

Everyone at the festival is so positive, accepting, outgoing and full of life. It is one of the happiest places I have ever been. We did not stop smiling all day. Right when you enter the main part of the festival you have to purchase little chips to pay for food and drinks. They make you feel really rich since 20 euros gets you quite a few! 


As you make your way down the main path to begin your adventure, there are so many areas and stages to check out with different types of music you can surely find your niche. Obviously, our first stop was the Carl Cox stage. The fist year we went it was a huge butterfly and the line up was incredible. John Rundell, Green Velvet, Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber, Marco Bailey and Carl Cox just to name a few! We were in Techno heaven! 

Did I mention we had day passes for each day? Well we did, so every day of the festival we spent time visiting our favourites and having such a blast. 

We wanted to check out the whole festival so we made our way around to all the stages, partied to different DJs, listened to different music and then decided to head over to the main stage. When you're walking through the large crowds of people and you see the excitement and total happiness in everyone's eyes it makes you feel amazing. To see people holding up their country flags all beside each other in one place, in total unity and peace is truly breathtaking. If only people all over the world could feel like this all the time we'd all be in a better place!  

(Main Stage 2013, Tomorrowland Festival) 

(Main Stage 2014, Tomorrowland Festival) 

The craftsmanship on the main stage was absolutely insane. The pictures we took were on an iphone at the top of the madness and could really never do it justice. You need to go and experience this festival to truly understand the level of production that goes into it. I've never seen anything like it. The end of the first day ended in a crazy downpour but we didn't care at all! We danced in the rain and we shut it down! We were literally the last people left when the festival was over that night! We went back again that weekend and continued the party and still haven't stopped talking about it! We loved it so much that we couldn't wait to get back for the 10 year anniversary. 















 ... so that's exactly what we did! We planned all year and did it all over again! The second year we had even better outfits and got the tickets online!  

One of the funniest moments we had at the second edition of Tomorrowland was when we were on the way to see our boy Chris Liebing play! I was beyond thrilled that he was there and as we made our way down to the tent I decided to pull out my camera and take some selfies as we were walking. Well, little did I realize there were these huge cement pylon looking things coming out along the path and I literally walked right into one, tripped, and rolled all the way down the hill and my foot landed in the pond! Gabi and Annie were beyond hysterical and I was mortified but couldn't stop laughing at myself! Thank goodness everyone walks in one direction on the path so that saved me from even more people seeing this ridiculous event! hahahaha! Thankfully my friends were quick to pull put their cameras and capture the moment! We honestly didn't stop laughing about this all day!

The 10 year anniversary was a two weekend event and we picked to go the second weekend. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't amazing but we were still able to have an amazing time. Really when us girls get together you know it's always going to be a good time! Again, we planned our outfits for months and found an amazing hotel with AC! 

It's hard work being a superhero! Always on duty! 
















We loved Tomorrowland and can't wait to go back!

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