The Republic of KaZantip By Day

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KaZantip was by far one of the coolest festivals we have ever been to. For many years it took place in the Ukraine close to the Russian-Ukranian border in a city called Crimea. It is right on the Black Sea and the view of the sunset is spectacular. KaZantip is considered it's own republic and in order to party at this festival you have to get a special passport with your photo that allows you onto the property. This isn't just a fun joke kind of thing, they take this very seriously at the festival to the point that there are soldiers with large machine guns standing at the entrance ensuring no trespassers enter. It's definitely intimidating and nerve racking but totally adds to the excitement. We feel extremely lucky that we were able to attend the original location before it had to be moved.












(View from above, photo taken at KaZantip, 2012)

There are so many really cool things about KaZantip. For people who can't afford to go to the festival, they are given the chance to attend if they design their own yellow suitcase. They must keep with them at all times as they are considered "visitors" to the republic. When we first arrived and saw all these people with yellow suitcase we had no idea what was going on!

(Yellow suitcases @ KaZantip, photo borrowed from

Another cool thing is that people who meet at the festival and have known each other for a hot minute can get married at the KaZantip chapel. They even provide top hats and veils. It's also one of the longest running festivals in the world as it runs for the whole month of August. Check out the video blow that explains how you can get "fast married" at KaZantip!

The most amazing part of KaZantip is the art work, the statues, and the the stages. Each area is original and super cool. Every stage you go to has a completely different vibe and a variety of musical genres can be heard. 






































(Photos of structures and stages taken at KaZantip, 2012)

(This is the stage where Carlo Lio, The Junkies & Dubfire played)

One of the most amazing parts of KaZantip is the sunset. It is treated as a magical event every night (as it should be) and a balloon ceremony happens each day. Regardless of the negative impact balloons have on the environment... it was definitely a beautiful sight to see. 























(Sunset & balloon ceremony photos taken at KaZantip, 2012)


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Stay tuned for "The Republic of KaZantip By Night" coming soon...


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