Miami Music Week 2016

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Wow! is all I can say! What a crazy week!

We arrived on Sunday, March 13, 2016 and stayed for the whole week this year. This was the first time since 2004 that March Break lined up perfectly with the conference and I was able to stay straight through. I loved this so much because I was actually able to get to the beach, to the pool and have full night/ morning sleeps to be fully fresh for the next party!

So, I'll retell the experience chronologically! The first day we arrived it was a beautiful sunny day and I was so happy to see palm trees and sun! The first few days we stayed at the Sagamore Hotel and I fell in love with the place! Our room was huge and the property was beautiful. The staff was also super awesome and really went out of their way to make us comfortable. I was super pumped up to be out of the cold and into the Miami heat! So nice to just wear a tank top and shorts and leave the house without 10 layers on! 

It was super easy for us to figure out our party schedule as Carlo, Nathan, Val and Vince aka The Roaches, The Junkies and UNION, had quite a few gigs lined up. There were so many amazing parties that I would have loved to go to but I'd have to be a machine to do this!

Monday night Carlo played with Pleasurecraft at Do Not Sit! We love this venue so much, super intimate, was was packed and vibing!
















Forgot to take a pic but I was wearing one of my favourite pair of Secret Lives... leggings from the Made You a MixTape Collection with the Lead Don't Follow Necklace! All black errrting...

Before the party we went to this incredible place for dinner called BLT at the Betsey Hotel on Ocean Drive! The food was incredible the view was pretty awesome as well. Nothing better than eating outside as the sun goes down! We split the tuna tar tar and a lobster dish both just amazing! 























Tuesday we decided to go for a walk on the beach and you might not know this but Carlo isn't really a fan of the beach and he does this just for me because he knows I love it... but it's seriously torture for him! I think the photo below says it all! hahaha! He also has some kind of crazy magical powers because as soon as we left he said "I hope it rains" and I told him I would kill him if it happened and of course, within 10 minutes of us being on the beach full on tornado hits us! I was so annoyed! 

Like how does this even happen?


Tuesday night, we decided to just grab a bite to eat and rest up for Wednesday as we had a huge night ahead of us. We went to this place called Naked Taco for dinner and it was insane!!! We ate so much we were totally uncomfortable the rest of the night but it was definitely worth it!  We had the baja tacos, the coconut shrimp tacos, the chipotle brisket tacos and of course the churros. Oh my zod I died. 
















After an amazing full night sleep we were up and ready to take on Wednesday! First stop was to the Made in Miami Pool Party to see our homies the Cocodrills! Love these guys!


We stayed for a little bit after their set but headed back to the hotel to freshen up around 7pm. We loved Naked Taco so much that we met the Bullitt family there for dinner before the show. 


We obviously ate like Kings and then stopped to take a groupie! 

I can't believe that I did this... but I forgot to take a pic in the dress I wore that night again! I was wearing the Secret Lives... Moving Through Your System Bodycon dress. This is not me but you get the point!

The line up for Space was a Techno Girl's wet dream! I'm sorry... did you seriously just invite me to a party with Shaded, Carlo Lio Pan Pot, & Dubfire and Chris Liebing B2B?!? #StopItRightNow ALL sets were amazing KUDOS to you all! We stayed till 11am the next morning- pretty much the point where I had blisters on my feet and could no longer stand up! It was also the first time I brought my shades to Space in preparation for the bright sun in the morning, but the DJ booth is so small and was completely rammed that I couldn't get back up there to get them from Carlo's DJ bag! I'm sure I looked super hot at that time but can't win em all I guess! 

















Needless to say, I slept the rest of the day Thursday and all of Thursday night. Carlo got up to go to the Paradise party around 2am but I could not. Being 35 ain't the same as being 25 that's for sure! But after an amazing 20 hour sleep I was completely refreshed for Friday! Woke up early, went to the pool at the Lowes for a few hours with my girl to get a tan and go for a dip! So gorgeous there! 


For lunch we went to one of our favourite sushi restaurants called FKU Sushi Lounge just outside of the Catalina Hotel on Collins. They have an amazing coconut shrimp roll and really yummy salmon tacos. We actually went there for quite a few meals throughout the week! 


After lunch we headed right to ULTRA! Carlo and Nathan aka The Roaches were playing the Resistance Stage! Absolutely one of the coolest stages/ DJ booths I have ever seen. I think I liked it the best because no one was allowed in unless they were a DJ! It drives me nuts that everyone insists on cramming in the tiny booth when there is a huge dance floor where we should be! It's aways just me out there dancing making new friends lol! 


The lineup at the Resistance stage did not disappoint! Everyone played amazing sets and had us ALL dancing! This was the backstage welcoming committee... great work ULTRA you know what's up!













We're pretty cute too ;)


Here are a few pics from the Resistance stage! So cool!

I have no idea how they even put this together but it was incredible to see live! 















Definitely one of the coolest spots ever to DJ from!
















I decided to go for a walk because I heard that there was a Black Jaguar White Tiger tent and I've been dying to meet Eddie for so long! I'm a huge supporter and fan I really just wanted to shake his hand and thank him for all the work he does saving big cats! If you don't know what I'm talking about google the foundation, or follow him on Instagram @blackjaguarwhitetiger and you will see why I'm so obsessed! Sadly, Eddie wasn't there but I was lucky to meet the Lady Casa and all the ladies who work with Eddie and represent a number of Animal Rights foundations. Love what you girls do keep up the amazing work! 


I was wearing my Black Jaguar White Tiger Cielo Tank so I got to pose with them for a pic while John Digweed was playing! Super fun!



There is no way we could be at ULTRA all day and not stop by and see one of our favorite DJs and his manager! We literally jumped on a golf cart and made our way over to the Carl Cox Stage to say hi to Carl and Ian! That stage was insane and I loved every second of it! Truly incredible experience! 

Loco Dice was playing and was obviously killing it! 












We eventually made our way back to the Resistance stage because we were told that we needed to be there to see the stage come to life! It was absolutely insane! The alien-ant became a fire breathing robot with people swinging and doing acrobatics from it. You could literally feel the heat from the fire from where we were standing! I thought I lost my eye brows a few times but it was incredible to watch! 

Incase you missed it here is a video!:

If you missed The Roaches set they filmed LIVE on Be-At.TV from inside the Alien Robot Ant! Check it out!:

After a crazy day we shut down around 1am and had another amazing sleep to prep for the last event of the week! We woke up starving and went straight for Tacos! We found this amazing spot, I'm not even sure what it's called but it is right at 16th and Collins. The nachos and guac were to die for and the tacos were just the right size and every bite was orgasmic!

Like I'd fly to Miami right now just to eat these again!

As soon as we finished, we rolled with a crew of twenty beefed up tattooed guys from Toronto and New Yaak and made our way over to Get Wet Pool party! 


I was waiting for this event all week as UNION was playing a three hour set B2B2B! Boris's set killed as well! Overall, amazing day at the Surfcomber pool! I really enjoyed the venue, love how they have the space set up. There is a designated area for table and bottle service, but in front of the DJ booth is a dance floor made of sand! and just beyond that, you can see the ocean! Super awesome! 













Me & My Boyz... I'm wearing Secret Lives... Turn Me Leggings! It took all week but I remembered to take a pic of myself rocking our brand! LOL!

...and that's a wrap! Always a pleasure to attend these awesome events and always an adventure! Till next year Miami! 


I always said if I could be any animal or species in the world I would be a bird! Birds have the ultimate freedom and can fly for free ;) My true spirit animals!

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