Must See Beaches in Ibiza... The Ibitha Blog Series vol. 2

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To continue with our Ibiza blog series, we will now share with you some of the must see beaches on the island!

One of our absolute favourite beaches to go to is Cala Conta aka Cala Comte. This beach is so beyond beautiful its hard to describe or capture in one picture. It's full of young beautiful people and there are so many areas that you can go to. You can stay in the main area near the amazing bohemian restaurant Sunset Ashram or you can venture off to the more private and secluded areas for a more intimate experience. 

(Photos taken at Cala Conta & Sunset Ashram Restaurant, San Josep de sa Talaia) 

Another amazing beach that we absolutely are obsessed with is Cala Tarida. You can head down to Nord or Sud and walk around and choose the spot you are most comfortable with. It is a family friendly beach but you will find all kinds of people there. The water is clear as far out as you can see. It is nice and shallow and the beach itself is really great as its softer sand. 

(Photo taken @ Cala Tarida, Sud)

 Cala D'Hort is another really special beach, especially because at this beach you get a front row seat to Es Vedra the magical rock of Ibiza. It's a smaller beach but absolutely gorgeous. It's often really busy and parking is tricky and you need to walk down a super steep hill- but it's totally worth it. There are many secret places and hidden caves there as well. The lost city of Atlantis is said to be in this area- I have yet to find it but it is # 1 on my list this year that's for sure! Cala D'Hort is also home to THE BEST PAELLA on the island. I challenge anyone to try it and disagree. 

(Photo taken from our table @ Cala D'Hort Restaurant eating the best paella I have ever had in my life) 

(Photo taken @ Cala D'Hort, view of Es Vedra... is this even real?)

We love this beach so much we created a full collection called "Ibiza Magic!"


The beaches are amazing in the West end of the island and there are so many for you to discover. I make a point to try and do a new beach every day. Starting a few years back, we spread our wings a bit further and ended up in the North of the island and WOW! It just keeps getting better and better! My iphone camera really could never do the beaches and the scenery justice but you get the point.

Cala San Vicente in the North did not disappoint at all! It took us about an hour to get there on extremely windy roads but it was totally worth it. The area is more family oriented and less party people. It feels really secluded which is why we loved it so much. The beach was quaint and the water was insane! 

(Photos taken at Cala San Vicente, San Juan Labritja) 

When we were in the area, we found this amazing little place called "Hidden Bar." It felt like we took a trip right back to the 70s and I loved it. They even had a little wedding chapel and a life size game of chess! Super cute and highly recommend if you end up going that way. 

(Photos taken at Hidden Bar, Ibiza)

Aigua Blanca is a must see. If you are making the trip to the north of the island you absolutely must go. The sand on the beach is the softest you will find on the island and the mountains that surround the beach are absolutely breathtaking. 

(Photo taken @ Aigua Blanca, Ibiza) 

I don't even know how to start these sentences anymore since I keep saying "another amazing beach" well- if you are in the North another spot that is a must see is Cala Benirras. This year we did the drive up there to go for dinner and watch the sunset. I didn't realize at the time, but at this beach there are all kinds of amazing caves and we missed that! So we will definitely be going back this summer to find them! 

(Photos taken @ Cala Benirras, Ibiza) 

This year, my girlfriends and I decided to try out this spa that everyone was talking about called Hacienda Na Xamena and we made a whole day adventure of it. First we went for breakfast, then drove up to a beach in San Miguel. On the drive, we saw some signs for a "must see cave" so we decided to go. While it was beautiful, I do not recommend going to the cave if you partied the night before as there is a whole tour with a tour guide that you must follow. We thought we would just be able to go and see the cave at our own leisure, but once we walked down and up a million stairs on a one way path we realized that it was a group activity. The poor tour guide must have thought we were so rude because we didn't understand why she wouldn't just let us go in! Overall, it was really nice, but go only go if you are totally sober and not claustrophobic! The beach in San Miguel is also gorgeous and we ate a a really cute beach bar. The spa was incredible and the massage was.... sensual! After we were finished the massages we spent about 45 minutes in the cascadas suspendidas which are a bunch of different pools with different temperatures overlooking the cliff. It is so hard to put the view we were looking at into words, the spa was yet another highlight of the trip this year for sure. Can't wait to go back!  

(Photos taken @ Port De San Miguel Beach, San Miguel) 

(Photo taken @ Hacienda Na Xamena, San Miguel) 

Renting a boat with a fun crew of friends, or even taking the ferry over to Formenterra is an absolute must. I must warn you though, the water is the bluest and most clear water you will ever see it is going to ruin some other beaches for you in the future! You will always be comparing your experiences to that time in Formenterra!

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Stay tuned the Ibitha Blog Series vol. 3 coming soon...



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