Ibiza Sunsets... The Ibitha Blog Series vol. 3

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Part three of our Ibitha Blog Series takes us to the best spots for sunsets on the island! The two month count down till we return is on! We can't wait!!! In honour of our LOVE for Ibiza Sunsets we created a whole collection called "When the Sun Goes Down!" Check it out :)

Ibiza is known for some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Below are just a few suggestions on where to go. Cafe D'el Mar, Mambo Ibiza and Mint all on the Sunset Strip are a must see if you haven't been yet, but you also need to check out some more secluded places. The sunset views are amazing at all of the beaches discussed in the last blog post, but below are a few more places that I haven't mentioned yet. 

(Photo taken @ Cafe D'el Mar, San Antonio)

We found this hidden gem called Experimental Beach at Cap De Falco. It's right by the salt mines on the South West side of the island. The drive there is a bit scary but it is totally worth it and I can't wait to go back! Even if you don't make it to this point, watching the sunset over the salt mines is astonishingly beautiful! 

(Photo taken @ Cap de Falco, Ibiza)

One of our favourite spots in san Antonio for tapas, patatas bravas and mojitos is Golden Buddah. They have amazing food, super chill music and that view. Ughh! I need to be back!!!

(Photo taken @ Golden Buddah, San Antonio)

Another amazing spot that had been on my list for a few years was Kumharas. The whole restaurant/ hippie market is so beautiful in every way. They have live DJs that play to the sun setting, bongos and really great food and drinks. The little hippie market has very reasonably priced bohemian style clothes to make any girl super happy and the whole ambiance really fulfils that Ibiza sunset experience that everyone hopes for when they come to the island. 

(Photos taken @ Kumharas, Sant Josep de sa Talaia) 

Again, I am going to mention Port Des Torrent for sunsets. You need to go and eat, drink and watch the sun go down at Imagine Bar. It's just amazing. 

(Photos taken @ Imagine Bar, Port Des Torrent)

 We absolutely love watching the sun go down at Sunset Ashram, Cala Conta. It's magical. 


Watching the sun go down in the North at Cala Benirras was absolutely beautiful. 


I am really looking forward to checking out Ocean Beach rooftop patio for a sunset this summer. Apparently its something quite special! Can't wait! 

(Photo borrowed from: http://www.essentialibiza.com/news/sunset-dining-experience/)

Stay tuned for the last post in our Ibitha Blog Series coming soon...

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