Our Favourite Places to Eat in Ibiza... The Ibitha Blog Series vol. 4

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Last but definitely not least, FOOD! In this edition of the Ibitha Blog Series vol. 4 we will share with you some of our absolute favourite spots on the island to eat! One thing is for sure, Ibiza has some of the most creative and best restaurants for both ambiance and the food itself. It's really a true foodies dream island!

Ibiza has so many places to eat that meet and surpass expectations on so many levels. This year we were able to hit so many new places on the list- it was a foodies dream on that respect. Here are a few places that are "must eat at" the next time you are in ibiza. I love food as much as I love partying and sunsets so trust me I know what I'm talking about ;)

For Breakfast we found this beautiful and quaint place called Kasbah. The owner is such a nice guy, always so happy and absolutely loving life. I mean, who wouldn't! They have really yummy breakfast options and excellent tapas as well. They also host a sunset dinner if you prefer to check it out at that time of day. 


(Photos taken at Kashab, San Antonio)

Continuing along with my list... as per our mission to try new things and go new places, this year we literally travelled from one end of the island to the other. We found this place called Amante Beach Club. There is no possible way that my verbal description could do the beauty of this place justice. We went there hoping to have breakfast as I had read online that they did serve breakfast, but when we arrived they said that they don't serve breakfast and that we could order tapas. So we did! It was awesome and the view was untouchable! Totally worth the drive!

(Photos taken at Amante Beach Club, Santa Eulària)

Another new spot that was absolutely one of my favourites this year, I can not wait to go back again was Wild Beets! The name is really what caught my interest but the food was next level. I am someone who suffers from gluten intolerance and I am overall a really healthy eater so this restaurant blew my mind! Best gluten free pancakes I have ever had and their fresh juices are amazing! We also went back for lunch and the lunch menu was just as impressive. Kudos to you Wild Beets!

(Photos take @ Wild Beets for Breakfast, Santa Gertrudis)

(Photos taken @ Wild Beets for Lunch, Santa Gertrudis)

As I mentioned before, San Antonio really changed my whole Ibiza experience and the next restaurant is one of the reasons we keep going back! ZEBRA Art & Grill is just on the upper west side closer to Cala Gracio area in San An. This restaurant has the absolute best seared ahi tuna dish and meat tray. As soon as we arrive in Ibiza, the first thing we do is breakfast at Kasbah and lunch or dinner at ZEBRA. It's life changing trust me!

 (Photos taken at Zebra Art & Grill, San Antonio)

Who doesn't love and crave tacos?! We found a place in Santa Eulària called Taco Paco! Loved the name and the first time we tried to go we couldn't get a table which obviously made us want to go even more! So the next time we planned to go we called in advance and made a reservation. Not only was it worth the wait, it was worth the drive! 

(Photos taken at Taco Paco, Santa Eulària)

I spoke at the beginning of this blog series about a place called Pago Pago in Playa D'en Bossa. I don't know if it's just such a special place to me, if it's the view or just that they make the best grilled calamari & goat cheese salad on the island! Probably all things combined that keep me going back ever year! It's also nice that the manager remembers me from the early 2000s and gives me that big "welcome home" smile when she sees me!

(Photos taken at Pago Pago Beach Bar, Playa D'en Bossa)

This year a new spot called Heart opened up in the Ibiza Town/ Port area. It has a really fun concept. You purchase chips in advance and then you walk from station to station to select different types of food to eat. Each portion you buy is bite size or small portions which is great if you like to try all kinds of different foods in one sitting. While all of this is happening, they also have different live shows going on on the stage area. It is super artsy and creative. Definitely a one of a kind experience!

(Photos taken at Heart, Ibiza Town)

Ibiza is one of those places where good sushi is hard to find. I'm sorry but we live in Toronto and aside from Japan, Toronto has the best sushi in the world we just do! So it is really hard for us to find reasonable priced, and good tasting/ quality sushi in ibiza. This year our last lunch was at Cotton Beach Club. The restaurant itself is gorgeous and the view looking over Cala Tarida is insane. There is definitely a lot of variety on the menu but of course we had to try the sushi. While very pricy, I have to say it was definitely the best sushi I have tried in Ibiza. 

(Photos taken at Cotton Beach Club, Cala Tarida, Ibiza)

I spoke in the second blog about heading out to Formenterra being a must see for any Ibiza traveller. If you do make the trip out there, you have to eat at Es Moli de Sal. You must make a reservation in advance to guarantee a spot. Everyone arrives by boat which is super fun as you get door to boat service from the restaurant and the food is second to none. For desert, they have this homemade gelato that is to die for, and if you are lucky you will run into some super famous DJs as well!

(Photos taken at Es Moli de Sal, Formenterra, Ibiza)

Last but not least, and this is really only the tip of the iceberg for amazing places to eat in Ibiza, but I will just mention once again the Cala D'Hort Restaurant for paella. I normally don't like paella because I find it overwhelmingly fishy, but this was not the case here. It is hands down the best I have ever eaten in the world. I do not say that lightly! If you are in Ibiza, you must call ahead for a reso but do it!

(Photo taken @ Cala D'Hort Restaurant, Sant Josep de sa Talaia

I was thinking about talking about some of the parties here, but I feel that because they are easy to find, and that is one of the main reasons that people do go to Ibiza I am going to skip that part. Just know that if you are planning to go to Ibiza and party, it is best to buy your tickets in advance from trusted sources. They charge almost double the price if you wait to pay at the door, and if you think you are on guest list.. lol. More often than not you will not be when you get to the door! Especially in August. Do yourself a favour and go prepared with everything you need before you get to the club front entrance. There are so many big label parties happening now, but the key is to find some of the smaller ones that no one really knows about- those are the ones that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Nights into mornings for sure!

If you have any questions or want some advice on anything related to Ibiza we will be happy to help you out... I do not get paid for any of the recommendations above. Everything I mentioned is from my personal experiences in Ibiza over the years. I will do my best to help you out in any way! I hope this blog inspires you to step outside your comfort zone (Playa D'en Bossa & Ibiza Town) and get you to explore the island for all it has to offer. 




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