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Week two in Ibiza has been nothing short of amazing! Each year, the trip feels new and exciting because we insist on trying new things and going to new places. This week we went to four beaches that we haven't been to yet and they did not disappoint!

The first new beach we went to was Cala Carbo in the South West side of the island. It was beautiful! Not only was it small and quiet, there were not many people there at all which is a nice surprise for July in Ibiza! Felt like we were at a semi-private beach! We ate at one of the restaurants there and the food was amazing. Highly recommend you grab some lunch as well if you’re heading over to Cala Carbo.

(Photos taken at Cala Carbo, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza)


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The second new beach we went to this week was called Cala Codolar. It's located right beside Cala Comte aka Cala Conta but is a much smaller beach. The water is crystal clear and the beach is a mix if sand and rocks. It is a very small beach with a cute little cafe in the area. This beach also felt very private compared to some of the other more popular ones in Ibiza.

(Photos taken at Cala Codolar, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza)

I saw a few posts from the Mambo Brother's instagram account for a beach called Cala Gracioneta and they were calling it Ibiza's “best kept secret beach” and I’m such a sucker for good advertising I just had to check it out myself. To get there, you need to follow the signs for Cap Negret on the upper West side of San Antonio, then you will see the signs for Cala Gracioneta, it is actually right beside Cala Gracio. The road that leads to the beach is enough space for one car to get down so it can definitely be stressful if you drive down too far. If there is a car coming towards you, one of you will be reversing all the way back which is a huge mission when there are 4 cars behind each of you! I would highly recommend that you find parking outside of the main road and just park and walk. When you walk to the beach you first come up to the cute little restaurant called El Chiringuito. I haven't been yet and I've heard mixed reviews, however when I walked by people eating and drinking they definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves. The atmosphere of the restaurant is awesome and has such an Ibiza feeling, and the best part is the restaurant literally walks out to this beautiful beach. I plan to go back and try it out when we return to Ibiza later this month.

(Photos taken at Cala Gracioneta, San Antonio, Ibiza)

I've definitely saved the best for last in this post! We went to Cala Salada last year but it was just to see it quickly. When we arrived we saw a huge flight of stairs to get down to the beach, and seeing as it was the end of the day, we were already tired so we just took a photo from the top and called it a day. What a mistake that was! I am so happy we decided to go back again this year because we absolutely fell in love with Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta! When you first arrive you arrive at Cala Salada where they have a few rows of chairs right by the water. The sand is mostly made of smaller rocks but beautiful none the less. To get to Cala Saladeta you need to literally walk over a mountain on a thin dirt path until you get to the other side. There are so many spots to take incredible panoramic photos of the scene below. None of my photos even do the beaches justice. It is so beyond words and so beyond what my camera can capture compared to when you are there in person. Once we arrived on the other side of the mountain, you arrive at a pure white sand beach filled with the most beautiful people I've seen in Ibiza! I have no idea where people were making drinks or food, but there are a number of people walking by selling fresh juices, mojitos as well as arrancini! We laughed so hard when we saw one of the guy's shirt, it said “Two arrancini are better than one!” The water is completely see through, turquoise and sea weed free. It was so warm that I felt like I was in a bath tub! I literally found a piece of heaven on earth. If you haven't been to Cala Saladeta yet I highly recommend you make a day trip to this beach! This beach is at the absolute top of my list for best beaches in Ibiza!

(Photos taken at Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta, San Antonio, Ibiza)

There are so many beaches we absolutely love in Ibiza and are sure to return to each year we come. This year we made our way back to Cala Tarida, Cala Comte, Cala Vadella, Port Des Torrent and Cala D’hort. Please read our past blog on the best beaches in Ibiza in our “Ibitha Blog Series.”


(Photo taken at Cala D’hort, San Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza)

Stay tuned for the next blog where we take you up to the NORTH of Ibiza!

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