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In 2010 my brother David was presented with an opportunity for investment in a small town in Costa Rica called Playas Del Coco. It was a real estate opportunity kind of thing and he and his business partner decided to take a trip down to see what it was all about. Long story short, my brother now lives in Costa Rica full time running a successful property management company and building custom homes for foreign investors. Needless to say, he’s living the dream!

Since then, he has managed to get my parents to buy a home down in Coco, my mother’s sister has permanently moved there and we have a number of other family members buying properties in this community to use for vacation homes. Everyone who takes a trip down there literally falls in love and makes Costa a second home. I have been lucky enough to travel there three times over the past few years and every time I go it’s a whole new adventure. I will be dividing this blog into a three part series, each part a different trip just so I can cover all the awesome places, adventures and beauty that is Costa Rica!

(Condos at Pacifico, Playas Del Coco, CR)

The first time I ventured down to CR was with my family for my grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration. The whole family came and it was truly a beautiful experience having everyone together. My brother does vacation rentals out of a beautiful gated community called Pacifico. If you are looking for an incredible vacation spot I highly recommend you get in contact with Dave and he can hook you up. I will include his contact information at the end of this blog. The condos are absolutely gorgeous and feel like home and the pool and garden area are a piece of heaven on earth.

(View from the pool area at Pacifico condos, Playas Del Coco)

(Sunset from our balcony at the condo!)

Reminds me of our "When the Sun Goes Down Collection"

(Collection can be found at:

A big part of going to Costa Rica is to seek out adventure. I am not as adventurous as some, I’m not even comfortable when someone else is driving! But Costa Rica has some of the best zip lines that take you over the highest canopy of the rainforest I’ve heard amazing things about and really suggest you go if you like that kind of thing! Again, Dave can sort you! The kind of adventure that I really enjoy is the calm kind; like finding new beaches or sight seeing!

The whole family and I went on a river boat tour called Paolo Verde to see all the Costa Rican wildlife. I loved every second of this tour that I’ve literally done it every time I go back to Costa. If you don’t take vitamin B regularly you will need to wear lots of bug spray. If you are planning to go to Costa Rica just start taking vitamin B as it keeps the bugs away. I think everyone in my family was eaten alive but I walked away bite free! Anyways, the boat tour takes you all around the river and you get to see a number of really cool birds that are native to CR. You see so many different lizards as well as crocodiles! I was absolutely blown away by how close they came to our boat! I have to say thought the the highlight of each boat trip was when we went to see the white face monkeys. These guys are so brave and friendly they jump right on the roofs of the boats and some even make themselves comfortable right beside you! I couldn’t stop talking about it after it was so awesome! Once the tour was over, we were treated to an authentic Costa Rican meal at a house in the jungle. The food was excellent- all of my favourite things!

(Family on the River Boat Tour)


(Loved every second of this boat trip!)

(Mmmmmm beans, rice and corn tortilla! YUM!)

Beaches are one of my favourite things to explore! I love going places I’ve never been. This trip was no exception! Dave took me to a hidden beach called Playa Penca that we had to off-road to in his truck. I was having a heart attack the whole way. At one point I actually had to get out of the car and walk while he somehow managed to drive back up these insanely steep rocks because I just couldn’t handle the intensity of it! (I’m such a baby! lol) But the reward was well worth the really scary drive! There was no one on the beach and it was gorgeous. There was a group of howler monkeys right at the opening of the beach in the trees above which was so exciting to see. Stunning is all I can say, these pics below could never do it justice.

(Playa Penca, Costa Rica)

(Ended the day trip off with coconut water from a hut on the side of the road!)

The food in costa rica is THE BEST! (Family inside joke!) Every restaurant we went to was excellent. Every time I go back we always check out a few new spots but head back to our favourites as well. There are so many cute places in the main town to try. One night we went to Coconutz a local bar for some apps and drinks and another night we found a cute spot for sushi called Papa Gayo. One of my favourite spots is a place called Ginger. It is literally up in a tree house! So awesome and the food is incredible too!

(Coconutz, Playas Del Coco, CR)

(Sushi @ Papa Gayo, Playas Del Coco, CR)

(Dinner at Ginger, up in the tree house!, CR)

There are a number of beach clubs that you can go to as well. We went to the Pacifico Beach Club on this trip that has a front row view to Coco Beach. We celebrated my grandmother’s birthday there and spent the day enjoying some awesome eats and drinks while looking at paradise in front of us!


(Celebrating my beautiful Grandmother Joyce at the Pacifico Beach Club, Playas Del Coco, CR) 

If you are thinking about booking a trip down to Costa Rica please feel free to contact Dave and tell him you read about him in the Secret Lives… blog. He knows that place inside out and can help you plan your dream vacation- or even buy a new home! Please click the link below to view all of the available properties and tell him Heidi sent you :)


(View from the patio in one of the custom homes Dave built! It's available for weekly, monthly and yearly rentals) 

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