Costa Rica is Everything Volume 3

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My last trip to Costa Rica was extra special because almost my entire extended family came along for the ride! We organized an extra-large size family reunion and really there was no better place to do this than Playas D'El Coco, Costa Rica.

(Sporting our Rebirth Yoga Leggings on the long flight down! They can be found in our Secret Lives & JessGo Collab

David was able to arrange condo rentals for everyone and it was awesome to be able to spend time with the fam that is regularly spread out all over Canada and the US and can't always be together. To give you a bit of history, my Grandmother and her three sisters all bought houses that were right next door to each other. My grandmother and one of her sisters homes were attached and directly across the street two more sisters attached. All of their kids grew up together so this family reunion was called "The Decelles Cousins Reunion" which included three, maybe four generations of cousins. Truly amazing!

(Photos taken of the four houses on Decelles, Montreal)

Some family members stayed for a month, some for a few weeks and I was only able to get in for about four days but every day was a new adventure. I LOVE the crocodile river boat tour so I went again with a smaller group from our tribe and this time we had rented a smaller more private boat. It was much more intimate and personal. We really enjoyed seeing all the wildlife and after had a awesome Costa Rican lunch in a really cool venue that actually used to belong to the President of the country. The views from this location are absolutely breathtaking as it was once used as a lookout point. 

(Paolo Verde, Private boat tour, Costa Rica)


(Lunch after Paolo Verde Tour, Costa Rica)

The highlight on this trip hands down was when we rented a 64 foot catamaran boat called the Marlin D'El Rey and the whole family came aboard and we spent the day on the water exploring deserted beaches and swimming in the clearest water I have ever seen. My cousin and I did some yoga on body boards, whole family jumped overboard, we went scuba diving and I found a baby turtle! We were also provided with unlimited food and drinks the whole time while on board. For me, this was the best day of the trip! Loved it!


(Whole fam on the Marlin D'El Rey, Costa Rica

(Bodyboard Yoga, Playa Huevo, Costa Rica)

(Everyone in the water, Playa Huevo, Costa Rica)

(Just me and my DJ enjoying the moment!, Costa Rica)

I've mentioned this before, but I am not always up for crazy adrenaline adventures like zip lining, but apparently the rest of my family is! They went to this beautiful spot called Diamante and zip lined across Central America's longest ocean view superman zip line. 

(Photos taken at Diamante Eco Adventure Park, Costa Rica) 

We had so many really amazing meals on this trip but one of my favorite spots is a little place called Citron. It is right at the edge of the gated community of Pacifico and the food is the best! 


(Dinner @ Citron, Playas d'El Coco, Costa Rica)

(Seared Ahi Tuna, Tuna Tar Tar, Sea Bass & Mango Sorbet! YUM! Citron, Playas D'El Coco, Costa Rica) 

The main strip in Playas D'El Coco is lined with so many shops and bars and has such a tropical feel to it. Since the sun sets around 6pm the night s start early. You can spend the evening bar hopping, shopping or just hanging out. One of our favourite spots for food and drinks is a place called Zi Lounge. The food is great and they always have fun drink specials. Highly recommend if you are looking for a fun night out!

(Our friend Sarah ringing in the New Year @ Zi Lounge while looking super hot in our After Party Bodycon Dress! It can be found at

Playas D'El Coco beach is also one of the most relaxing places to go for your daily exercise walks. Super zen! 


(Photo taken at Playas D'El Coco Beach, Costa Rica)

If you are thinking about booking a trip down to Costa Rica please feel free to contact Dave and tell him you read about him in the Secret Lives… blog. He knows that place inside out and can help you plan your dream vacation- or even buy a new home! Please click the link below to view all of the available properties and tell him Heidi sent you :)


(View from the patio in one of the custom homes Dave built! It's available for weekly, monthly and yearly rentals)  


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