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Carlo and I have been together now for 11 years and to celebrate this year we did a few days up in the north of Ibiza (you can read about it in my last blog) and then we continued the mini-vacation in the Amalfi coast. We stayed in the town of Amalfi which is right in the middle of it all. We flew into Naples and then hired a driver to take us from the airport to the hotel. The drive is about an hour and fifteen minutes door to door and it was beautiful. The driver told us that it would take over two hours if we drove along the coast so he took us all the up the mountain then down the other side. I was totally car sick by the time we got there but the views we saw were truly amazing. We overlooked the whole city of Naples from the points of where we were as well as each little town we drove by. Was really special.

After reading hundreds of reviews on all the hotels available, and there are tons, I chose a hotel called Villa Lara. The reviews were very positive and it absolutely lived up to our expectations. When you first arrive you are at ground level with the street. Once you go in you go up a few stairs and take a path to either an elevator or a stair case. After a week in the coast I was taking the stairs to try and lose some of the pasta belly I was growing! But when we first arrived we took the elevator up. It takes about a minute before you get to the top. As soon as the elevator door opened Luca was waiting for us with a smile. He is such a sweet guy and really went out of his way to make us feel at home. Special thank you to Luca, Nello and all the staff for being so welcoming and helpful, we really appreciate it.

(Photos Taken at Villa Lara, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

We booked the junior suite and it was so gorgeous, spacious and had a cute little balcony with an incredible view. There was plenty of room for all of our stuff, the bed was comfy and the wifi was ripping! When you're with a DJ you need to understand how important good wifi is. It can make or break a trip for us! There was even a spa bath tub in the room. The ceiling is laced with beautiful beams and it looks awesome, but you definitely need to be aware of your surroundings as I almost knocked myself out a few times by flinging my hair around after my shower!


(Photos Taken at Villa Lara, Junior, Suite, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

Once we were settled, we decided to go find a restaurant that had my favourite Italian pasta dish, gnocchi a quarto fromaggi. Unfortunately for me, it is not a common dish in the south. We literally went to every restaurant and read all the menus and it just wasn’t available. No big deal, we found a cute little trattoria close to our hotel and I had gnocchi with pomodoro sauce instead! The food in Italy is generally amazing everywhere you go. I am not in the business of giving bad or negative reviews so the only thing I will say here is that in places like Amalfi where there are thousands of tourists, you need to be really picky and careful at the restaurants you eat at. Read the menu carefully before you sit down, check the prices and look at what people around you are eating. Ask if they are enjoying the food before you commit to ordering your meal. Back to the positive, the trattoria we found was called Trattoria Dei Cartari and it was incredible. We went back twice on this trip because the service was great and the food was excellent.

(Photos Taken at Trattoria Dei Cartari, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

We decided that we would do a few mini- tours each day to spread things out a bit and see new things. The first day we decided to go and see a grotto. We bought tickets for 10 euros there and back, and paid 5 euros to see the actual grotto. It was a nice little adventure, the best part was actually the man who was steering our little boat in the grotto. He was very entertaining and made us all laugh and reminded us how important it is to use our imagination as he kept pointing out different parts of the rock in the cave and telling us who or what it looked like! Was definitely a good tour guide. After the tour, we ate more food and more gelato and headed back to our hotel and called it a night. The weather in Amalfi was around 38 degrees so after an afternoon and evening in the heat and sun we were beat.

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The next morning when we woke up we had breakfast at the hotel on their cute little patio overlooking the Amalfi. I just stared for a good hour, the scenery is really so surreal. It almost doesn’t seem real with how beautiful it is. It makes me so happy to be able to experiences places like this and makes me feel so alive! We decided that we would take a day trip to Positano and go for lunch there. So again we bought round trip boat tickets for 16 euros there and back each and headed out. The boat this time was much larger and we sat on the top for the sun, breeze and photo opps. The boat there was a great option instead of a bus or taxi as the scenery is stunning to look at. We pulled up to Positano about 25 minutes after we left and the scene when you pull up is amazing. I really can’t put it into words. I took so many videos and pictures so that I can remember it forever.

(Photos Taken in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

Positano is a gorgeous little town and is so busy in the month of August. There are thousands of tourist there every day which can make it a bit challenging to walk around as there are people everywhere. Regardless, we went exploring, ate canolies and gelato and found a really cute spot to eat. The restaurant we found had the gnocchi I was looking for so I was super pumped and it was excellent! I was so happy after that we bought more canolies to celebrate lol. After walking around for a bit more we decided it would be best to head back home and rest before dinner. It was so hot outside and we ate an excessive amount of carbohydrates that it was just time to go! We hopped back on the boat and we were back in Amalfi in about 35 minutes.

(Photos Taken in Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

The last day of the trip was pretty much same routine, woke up had breakfast at our hotel and then decided to stay local and go to the beach. Amalfi is right on the water and there are quite a few cute little beach spots so we walked down just where the Bussola hotel is and settled there. The water is beautiful and the beach is all rocks not sand which makes it super easy to clean off when you’re ready to head home. We stayed for a couple of hours, soaked up some sun and called it a day. For dinner, we researched “best restaurants in Amalfi” and this restaurant came up and had really good reviews so we decided to give it a try. We really wanted to go out with a bang and had very high hopes for an unforgettable meal. I am happy to report that it totally lived up to the hype and we were completely satisfied. For apps we ordered baby squid over pumpkin puree, muscles and shrimp in soup, and tagliatele in bolognese sauce. It was an amazing meal and totally lived up to the hype.

(Photos Taken in the town of Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

(Photos Taken at Taverna Degli Apostoli Restaurant, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

Overall, we had an amazing 11 year anniversary in the Amalfi coast. It was a purely relaxing trip which for us is a very nice change from what we are used to. I feel totally refreshed and ready to take on the next three weeks of hard core touring, festivaling and Ibiza living! Bring it on!


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