Girl Power!

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Girl Power!
Written By: Fiona Thomson

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I heard a rumour that Girls rule and Boys drool! Haha not really a rumour it’s more of a truth. I’m by no means bashing any men. Trust me I love men, ALL sorts of men too. This is more about celebrating girlfriends and SISTERHOOD of friendship. Every girl needs at least a few good girlfriends in her life. The specialness of a girl bond friendship is like no other. When I meet a girl and find out she is only friends with guys, it makes me feel bad for her and wonder why she doesn’t have any female friends. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of guy friends and some are my best friends. But having best girlfriends whether it’s a girl tribe, ride or die chicks, gal pals, besties, Hermanas, Chiquitas, chicas, BFFs, dolls, Señoritas etc. The list goes on and on. It’s essential to be a part of a “girl gang” because It’s actually proven to be good for your health.

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I’m sure there’s plenty of research that states the benefits of female friendship but I’m going to tell you what I know for sure. Whenever I hang out with my girlfriends I know it’s guaranteed a day of laughter, being silly, free therapy sessions and feeling confidently beautiful. It’s important to surround yourself with other women who lift you up and support you in all areas of your life. When you find a good girlfriend in life it definitely makes life more fun. Having more fun ultimately means more positive outlook on life.

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The difference between female and male bonding is that women tend to be more emotionally bonded. When something is wrong or upsets a woman she is more likely to talk to friends or relatives. Whereas men tend to lean more to “fight or flight” reaction. Having a strong support system essentially helps women decrease stress physically and mentally. Basically girlfriends make you happier, nicer, less stressed, live longer and make you feel more beautiful. I don’t know about you...but that sound pretty awesome to me!

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Hooray for girlfriends! A good girlfriend listens to all your stories and adventures. But a BEST girlfriend has lived all the stories and adventures with you. Here’s to all those “GIRLS NIGHTS OUT” where you wake up in your girlfriend’s bed only wearing a tshirt and your underwear, covered in glitter and your head feels like it’s going to explode. To those nights where you say “let’s have a chill night and stay in” then you end up drinking 4 bottles of wine and end up dancing the night away. Let’s not forget those girlfriends who will not only console you when you are upset but be the shoulder to cry on. Girlfriends not only make you feel beautiful they make you look drop dead gorgeous. True girlfriends don’t judge you. They understand your grief and share your joys. Finding a good girlfriend who values you and only wants to best for pretty much the best thing in the world.

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If you’re girlfriends don’t do any of these acts of true need new girlfriends. A best girlfriend will accept you for who you are and will not try to change you. She should believe in you, defend you, encourage you, inspire you, never judge you, value you and love you for who you are always. Best girlfriends celebrate your successes as well as be there for you during your misfortunes. She will forgive you no matter what, dispel your fears, speak the truth, give you reality checks, understand what’s best for you and ultimately want the VERY best for you. Real true friendship means she will have patience with you even when you’re being hard headed, never abandon you when you need it most, knows when something is wrong and is always there to make you feel better.

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I don’t know how times my girlfriends have said to me “Don’t say anything but I have something to tell you” so being able to keep secrets is a key quality to being a best girlfriend. Also when you’re not feeling so hot it’s always great having girlfriends who restore your confidence. Girlfriends who compliment you and tell you that you’re beautiful is such a wonderful friendship quality. Being a best girlfriend isn’t someone who is just there for you. It’s someone who understands you more than you understand yourself.

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Today I salute all girlfriends young and old. To all my best girlfriends or family members that are in my “numero uno” girl squad, I F**KING LOVE YOU! Thank You for making me laugh louder, smile bigger and live my life a whole lot better. Thank You for being a friend. Cheers to all the girls. Girl Power!

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