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BPM has become THE festival destination for almost everyone we know! It has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and has attracted people from every corner of the globe. Everyone who attends the festival only has good things to say about it an!d all have some really crazy memories to last them a lifetime!

(Photo taken at Kool Beach, Playa Del Carmen, 2012)

We have been lucky to attend the festival a few times over the past few years. The first time I went was back in 2012 and I was able to get back again in 2014 and 2016 for a quick in and out. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to attend for a good two weeks and combine the festival with vacation time, however, due to work commitments that was never possible for me. The first year I attended I was able to stay longer as it coincided with my winter break and that week was insane to say the least. I was in peak party mode and I survived off of protein shakes and the odd taco here and there. The last two times I attended were for a much shorter amount of time and I have to say aside from the parties, I fell in love with the food in Playa, some of my favorutie places include La Cueva del Chango for the best breakfast and this super awesome spot we found for lunch called Aldea Corazon.

(Photos taken at La Cueva del Chango, Playa Del Carmen, 2016)

(Photos taken at Aldea Corazon, Playa Del Carmen, 2016)

I also absolutely love the beaches in Mexico, so I was able to make it for a hot minute to catch some sun and a photo opp to prove I was actually there lol.


(Photo taken on the gorgeous beach, Playa Del Carmen, 2012)

The last year I attended I fell in love with a new venue called Wah Wah Beach Club! Was super awesome when Carlo played, really nothing beats listening to the music you love while looking out to a crowd of people dancing with the beach, palm trees and ocean behind them.

(Photo taken at Kraftech Party, Wah Wah Beach, Playa Del Carmen, 2016)

To really explore all the awesomeness that is BPM I consulted with an amazing group of die hard techno loving ladies and we have put this blog together to maybe inspire you to take a trip down to Mexico, or help you plan your week when you’re there!  We are happy to share some of our most memorable moments, favourite parties, DJs, best places to eat and just overall incredible BPM experiences with you. Special thank you to all the ladies who helped make this blog as magical as the festival has been for so many! Here we go!

"BPM is definitely one of my favorite festivals.  I love the fact that there are a bunch of parties to choose from day or night at ever changing venues.  One of my favorite sets would have to be Nick Curly closing Blue Parrot on the day I arrived back in 2012. My friends and I arrived in Playa earlier that afternoon and headed straight for Kool Beach to find the rest of our friends and get our party schedules in synch. Went back to our condo later that night and fell asleep, suddenly waking up at 2:00am worried we missed the night but like the champs that we are we got ready and hit Blue Parrot. The combination of rest, excitement and killer set by Nick made it a night/morning to remember! It was also the party where I introduced my good friends Ryan and Giselle - who are now happily married! Playa also has amazing places to eat. La Vagabunda has amazing breakfast. For tacos, El Fogon and Don Sirloin are my top picks. La Vaca Gaucha has great steak and DiVino/The Glass Bar has amazing Italian and seafood."- Techno Wife Gabriella 

(Photo taken at Kool Beach, Playa Del Carmen, 2011)

“BPM is a big festival for people in Toronto. It's the perfect way to go on vacation with 100 of your closest friends. You will bump into people you know everywhere... on the beach, at the parties, at the nearest taco stand, in the next town over. It feels like we've all been magically implanted into this beautiful destination and get to enjoy everything together. It really has that communal feeling. Foodwise, staples like El Fogon for tacos and El Cueva del Chango for breakfast are amazing if you want to get really good, authentic Mexican food. If you’re missing home a little, there’s a famous bagel place that everyone loves called Karma Bagel. Musically, you will get the best of the best at the festival in a range of different settings. There are bigger venues like Blue Parrot and smaller, more intimate ones like Canibal Royale beach club. This is something that makes BPM different than other festivals. It’s not about giant stages with 50,000 screaming fans. Even the bigger venues have a more intimate feel. As a “Techno Wife”, one of my highlights was seeing Nathan open up for Marco Carola on the beach, and then jamming to Marco as the sun was setting. There’s something special about experiencing it like that – dancing on the sand, beautiful view, and obviously lots of tequila! There's also the secret parties that take place which are in a realm of their own. Some of my best memories come from there. Two years ago, we all boarded a bus but were told the destination was secret. We drove down a dirt road and finally showed up to a beautiful villa hidden in the trees. Once there, we had no connection to the outside world – no data, no wifi, nothing. It sounds scary but it was amazing! It forced everyone to just be in the moment, let their guard down and have fun without thinking. The best part was seeing everyone just let loose and be free. There's a certain bond that stems from that, that just can't be articulated or captured any other way.” - Zel

(Zel & Seti dancing in the hot tub at the secret villa party!)

(Photo taken at Cajual Showcase, Nathan Barato, Blue Parrot, Playa Del Carmen)

“Playa Del Carmen is fantastic.There is no denying it's the perfect backdrop for a wild time. I've had amazing food and seen some of the most beautiful beaches. With the right BPM crew and beats, every party has the potential to be the best. It's always hard to pick one. So when I'm asked about my absolute favourite, I almost always give a top 5 list. So here they are, in no particular order; Damian Lazarus, Art Department, Jamie Jones in the Cave, Union last year, Paradise in the jungle, Private after villas with Marco Carola 10 hour sets, Squillace and Dubfire at Kool Beach. I'll stop.”- Ericka C.

“BPM to me is about the family you choose for yourself. Global friends coming together in Playa - not just meeting up at parties but actually spending time together like you would on a family vacation. Amazing day parties turn into night parties turn into rooftop pool parties. 10 years flew by and having been part of the incredible growth and it being recognized globally makes me so proud of the family that makes it so special.”  - Hope (Check out her amazing clothing collection at

(Walking 5th, Playa del Carmen, 2016)

“BPM to me is like a family affair, a family vacation. I’ve been every year and have watched it grow from intimate to chaotic. I have soooo many memories with sooo many different people at different stages in my life, yet it never seems to get old for me. My favourite day party venue changes each year as the festival grows and evolves but Mammitas has always been a fave of mine. Most recently for night events, the "jungle" parties are next level.  Mexico is filled with amazing restaurants and healthy eating. Nothing like a clean breakfast at 100% Natural or authentic tacos at El Fagon. BPM is one of my favourites and I've definitely been around!” - Rita P.-

BPM 2015 – my very first BPM experience as not only a patron, but a staff member. I had somewhat of an idea of what I was getting myself into, and it wasn’t until after our first staff meeting that it really hit me. This was going to be an unforgettable experience. I went back for more in 2016! Having a passion for all things House music and having been a promoter in Toronto from 2006-2012, this was a dream come true for me and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Not only did the mish-mash of stories I had been hearing in past years from all of my friends come alive (and then some), I had the chance to see the magic that took place behind the scenes. Managing Fusion Beach Bar in 2015 really prepared me for what was coming up in 2016 – The Jungle. This venue is by far the craziest venues I’ve ever worked in – but at the end of it all, we made it out alive ;) The BPM team does not any given time one of the owners and/or managers is on damage control – making sure everything's running smoothly and everyone from artists, to agents, to friends are taken care of. To sit inside the office as I’m doing my cash out and watch these people in action was fascinating and so inspiring. This team is responsible for all those hands waving in the air, for the smiles walking in and out of every venue, to the non-stop dancing in the streets, and most of all, the memories they take home with them. BPM – thank you for an experience I will never forget.  Best of luck to the #BPM2017 but I know you won’t need it.  Much love!” - Ayse

(Photo taken @ Blue Parrot, Playa Del Carmen, 2016)

BPM - 10 years later and still one of my favorite festivals! I think I was Mexican in my past life because I really appreciate everything Playa del Carmen has to offer. From the food to the drinks, beaches, scenery, people, and of course the parties! I have my favorite spots that I go to every year for food such as La Cueva del Chango or Chiz Celine for breakfast, el Fagon for Tacos or Negro Mar for dinner. My favorite go to place I got to say is Blue Parrot. Since they renovated it, you can go there in the morning and get a bed by the beach or the pool, have lunch from their new fantastic menu and party all night with their amazing sound system. After all I met my husband at that club and it will always hold a special place in my heart. After countless parties and afterparties when the festival is over Ryan and I usually go somewhere for some downtime to celebrate our anniversary and relax a bit before going back home to the cold. We’ve gone to Tulum, Hotbox and Grand Vellas in the past (highly recommend all three places if you haven’t been). Not sure what we will do this year… Looking forward to celebrating 10 years of this festival in 2017!”- Giselle (Check her website to see her handpicked styles @

(Photo taken at La Cueva del Chango, Playa Del Carmen, 2014)


Have fun at the 10 year anniversary everyone! #BPM2017

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