Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction
By: Fiona Thomson

Isn’t it amazing when your Good Morning stretch feels breathtakingly amazing from the top of your head to the tips of your tippy toes. When jumping out of bed with a little more pep in your step goes a long way. Sometimes you’re smiling and happy for no reason at all except your life is pretty amazing. Ever have one of those mornings where you have to pinch yourself because this life doesn’t feel real?
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This is exactly when you are living your dream life but in real life and everything around you just seems too perfect. It’s like every thought you think manifests into reality no sooner as the thought leaves your brain. You can’t help but feel like you’re living moments of déjà Vu or coincidence happens a lot more often. You start to notice the same numbers appearing everywhere you look. People you think about suddenly pop into your life. Food tastes better. Senses are totally heightened. It’s when your thoughts become things only to realize the law of attraction really does work. Not only does the Universe give you what you asked for but gives you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and even more.
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Why is it when you’re feeling happy and loved you attractive all the beautiful things in life? Because like attracts like. So when you’re vibe is high and your energy is bliss, you’ll attract more happiness and joy. Being a magnet of positivity and love attracts all good things in life. Ever wonder why whenever you feel blissfully happy everyone notices and picks up on your energetic vibes. I’m a firm believer that when you feel good about yourself inside and out you’ll most definitely attract all the right people into your life. When you feel confidently beautiful and full of happiness it almost acts as a bright shining white light that embodies your well-being and projects outwardly.

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Okay okay I know it’s impossible to be happy go-lucky 24/7 because we are human and it’s perfectly normal to have down days. But if you can maintain a mind set of always looking on the bright side of things, life really does give you exactly what you need and want to make you happy. Learning to navigate through your emotions helps to bounce back to a joyful life. It’s okay to go through emotions and sometimes it’s beneficial for a good release of whatever is troubling you. A good cry is a good cleansing. A good yell or scream rejuvenates your emotional body. I think it’s important to learn how to go through the emotions and work through them rather than bottling them up or even worse exploding outward onto others.
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Being magnetic means what you put out into the Universe ultimately means you receive the same in return. Remember same goes if you’re always thinking negatively or low energetic vibes you will get exactly the same in return. Scientists say it’s takes around 40 muscles to frown and 15 to smile. Basically it’s easier to be in a great mood then to be in a bad mood. As I mentioned before it’s all mind set. If you want to be happy just be happy. You ultimately want to be so happy that when other people are around you they become happy too.
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Here’s a list I found from someone else...I can’t recall who wrote it but it’s pretty fantastic and meant for reposting. I’d highly suggest incorporating these expressions into your daily life and routine to have a more positive life.

21 Positive expressions for a positive life

1-It's a beautiful day.
2-The weather's been great.
3-I love it when...
4-I'm grateful for...
5-Everything's been working out perfectly.
6-She/he is so nice.
7-I'm really thankful for...
8-I feel great.
9-I'm so excited.
10-That's fantastic.
11-I'm so proud of...
12-I really like...
13-I'm so happy about...
14-I've got the best...
15-That made me smile.
16-Today was a good day.
17-Thank you.
18-I really appreciate...
19-You're a good friend/husband/wife/kid/etc.
20-That's hilarious!
21-I can't wait for/to...

So turn that frown upside down and work on making that smile more permanent. It’s said if your smile during tough times you will trick your brain into believing that you are really happy. Give it a try and curl up those ends on your lips and think happy thoughts. A smile really does go a long way. Not just on your face but in your brain and in your heart. I challenge you to say any one or all of the 21 positive expressions for the next 21 days. Also say something positive to yourself in the mirror out loud for the next 21 days and see how you feel after. Be a positively radiant magnet and just watch and see what the law of attraction and Universe have in store for you. Trust me you can thank me later when you suddenly get everything you’ve ever desired and more. Double Tap Like!
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