Our Stay at the Sol House Mixed By Ibiza Rocks

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Sol House Mixed By Ibiza Rocks

On my ever growing mission to explore the entire island of Ibiza inside and out, we came across this new hotel called Sol House Mixed By Ibiza Rocks on a walk one day in Cala De Bou. We were so intrigued by the awesome art work on the outside of the hotel that we went inside to check it out. We decide to stay at the Sol House for a few nights after we took a tour of the place, and we were not disappointed.

(Photo taken at the main entrance of Sol House Mixed By Ibiza Rocks, Cala De Bou, Ibiza Model wearing our Futura leggings, they can be found here: http://www.secretlivesotw.com/collections/futura/products/futura-leggings)

When you first walk into the lobby you are greeted by this amazing white rhino. When you look up you see a beautiful fresco painted on the ceiling we just had to stop and take a photo here!

(Photo taken at Sol House, Cala De Bou, Ibiza Model wearing our Project White Rabbit Leggings, they can be found here: http://www.secretlivesotw.com/collections/project-white-rabbit-collection/products/project-white-rabbit-leggings)

The main floor has so many interesting corners and places to relax. There is a whole section with like indian style pillow beds to chill and a few restaurants as well. Our first night at the hotel we decided to try out their Mexican restaurant and it was really good! We had a variety of tacos and nachos and definitely hit the taco craving spot! They also have a buffet that you can do an all you can eat style dinner. We check it out and the food looked really good. There were a lot of different options to choose from. 

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The rooms at the Sol House are all newly renovated, modern and tastefully decorated. The bathrooms are spacious and clean. We stayed in a double room and it was perfect. We had a little balcony with a Sea view and it was so nice to watch the sunset from.

(Double room at the Sol House, Cala De Bou, Ibiza)

The hotel has one of the most amazing rooftops I have ever seen. The views of San Antonio Bay are breathtaking and the bar and pool area are beautifully decorated we obviously took a few photos at the top to share all this beauty with you.

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This hotel is definitely at the top of our list for super cool places with that Ibiza feeling and we highly recommend that you check it out next time you head to Ibiza.

For booking, check their website here: http://www.ibizarocks.com/travel/mixedby/

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