To the Moon and Back!

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To the Moon and back
I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the moon. Everything about the moon in all its phases. I’m over the moon and back whenever I can see it in the night sky. The moon itself is strong symbol of femininity, intuition, emotion, balance, fertility and illumination. There’s many other symbolism of the moon but those mentioned above are definitely my favourite.

Each phase represents something different yet all so very important. The New moon usually represents all things new like beginnings, relationships and adventures. The New Moon is always a perfect time to set new intentions because it will result in positive life changes. The Waxing Moon represents growth, learning, creativity, healing and transformation. The Full Moon is a perfect time for harvest, cleansing crystals and doing some spell work. The Full Moon is the best time for asking for protection, watching your wishes unfold and come true. The Waning Moon is best for situations for letting go, cleansing, releasing and opening up.

New Moon Ritual
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I like to begin by writing an intention down on a piece of paper. I fold the intention in half and into a smaller folded portion. I place the intention anywhere the moon’s reflection can reach it. I fill a large glass of water and place it on top of my intention. The idea is to say the intention every night and take a sip of water until the next full moon or until the water is finished. I like to say the intention out loud because it makes me believe whatever I ask for will be ultimately given. The drinking of the water acts as a cleansing of pure thoughts and absorbing new moon water.

New Moon Meditation

I like to sit cross legged with my palms up on my knees. But it’s perfectly fine to do this meditation laying down. Preferably on the floor and not in your bed. I like to connect my thumb to ring finger on both hands. This hand position represents manifestation. Closing my eyes helps me to focus and get less distracted by surrounding environment. I try to sit up tall, upright but relaxed at the same time. I think about my intention in my head and begin to breathe. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose. I usually start with 3 slow and long cleansing breaths, before I settle into my meditation. I then like to introduce a simple yet effective mantra into my meditation journey; “So Hum” means breath. On the inhale in my mind I say the word “So” and on the exhale also in my mind I say the word “Hum”. The purpose of this mantra is to fill your mind body with a purifying breath to set your intention out to the universe. You may want to set a timer for 15-20 minutes if you are a beginner. Finishing meditation with hands in prayer and saying Thank You or Namaste to close your practice.

Full Moon Ritual

Every Full Moon I like to cleanse my crystals with sea salt and cold water. Once all the crystals are cleaned I placed them anywhere the Full Moon’s reflection can reach the crystals. The idea of the sea salt cleansing is to break the crystals from old energies and desires of the previous month. If I still have remaining water from the New Moon ritual, I drink whatever water remains. For the New Moon intention I usually like to tear it into small pieces and set it on fire. Preferably outdoors in and open space. The purpose of the burning acts as a rebirth and setting the intention free. During the Full Moon I like to burn sage not just in my environment but around my own body. I prefer white sage sticks. I start at the top of my head and circle clockwise 3 times around my head and say out loud “I purify myself for healing” each time with every circle in front of my face. I then circle the sage around my torso again 3 times repeating the same statement . Finally 3 circles around the knees also with the same previous statement. The burning of the sage removes negative energy and promotes purity of mind body soul.

Full Moon Meditation

Similar to New Moon meditation I like to sit cross legged with my palms face up on my knees. Again laying down is okay as long as it’s not in bed. You’ll most likely fall asleep if you meditate in bed. I like to connect my thumb to middle finger on both hands. This hand position represents positivity. Closing my eyes and sitting up tall but still relaxed. I give thanks to all that I’m grateful for from that month. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose. I usually start with 3 slow and long cleansing breaths before I settle into my mediation. Introducing a mantra Sat Chit Ananda which broken down means Sat (truth or existence) Chit (spiritual mind stuff) Ananda (bliss). Focusing on the breath and saying the mantra in my head. The purpose of this mantra is to connect you directly to the universe and help you receive gratitude in your mind body soul. You may want to set a timer to 15-30 minutes. Finishing meditation with hands in prayer and saying Thank You or Namaste.

Meditation is not always easy and takes a lot of practice. Some days will seem easier than others. All I can say is you have to just keep practicing. Meditation does get easier with the more you practice. The length of time is not important. Only you know what you can handle and what is enough for you. It all depends on how ready you are to let go and surrender to what meditation is trying to do for you. I recommend trying to meditate for 21 days straight starting at 10-15 minutes in the beginning. Until you’re comfortable or ready to go longer. Setting intentions is like goal setting for your hopes, dreams and desires. So no intention is wrong. Always close your practice with a bow in hands in prayer saying Namaste or Thank You.

Let’s fly to the moon!


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