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Secret Lives... would like to welcome Fiona Thomson to our team! Fiona has been selected as part of our Brand Rep program and we are so excited to have her! If you know her, you can feel her positive energy and love for life the second she walks into a room. We hope that you enjoy her as much as we do! 

A Little Bit About Fiona:

Fiona earned a BA degree in Health Sciences and completed a diploma in Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy. She has been practicing massage therapy for 12 years. She practices many modalities such as Active Release Technique, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Kinesio Taping, Hot Stone Massage, Acupressure Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reiki and other general massage therapy techniques. She is passionate about health and fitness. Before working as a Registered Massage Therapist she worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor teaching Spin, Pilates and running Bootcamps. Fiona biggest accomplishments have been working alongside Team Canada Women’s Rugby for the Pan Am games, Team Ontario Boxing for the National Level tournament, National Level Powerlifting Champions and playing on a competitive Roller Derby Team. Fiona enjoys running, yoga, resistance training and boxing. Fiona loves travelling, cooking, dancing, reading books, watching movies and meditation. Fiona believes that looking good on the outside ultimately begins with feeling good on the inside. It’s all about the Mind Body Soul Connection.

Read below for her first blog with Secret Lives... and stay tuned for all kinds of wellness tips, tricks and advice direct from the expert herself! 


No gym? No problem!

You don’t need a gym membership or expensive equipment in your home to achieve fitness results. Some of my favourite pieces that I have in my home don’t take up much space and some can be taken everywhere. My most favourite pieces are the mini band aka booty band, kettlebell and jump rope. Here’s a quick leg and core workout that I like to do when I can’t get to the gym. This workout should take 15-20 mins.


Jump Rope:

Starting with the jump rope I’d do a 5 min warm up.

(In the Deep Yoga Leggings can be found in the Secret Lives... & NK Design Collection)

1 min basic two foot jumping

30 seconds high knees

30 seconds butt kicks

30 seconds jacks

30 seconds criss cross jacks

30 seconds rope cross overs

1 min BURPEES (no rope)

30 seconds cool down with rope - basic two foot jumping slower pace to bring heart rate back down

REST 30 seconds water break

Mini Band aka Booty Band:

Placing the band below the knees. I like to do one side first the the opposite after. This is a great burn and booty builder workout. Repeat twice.

10 lateral leg lifts with right leg

10 kick backs with right leg

10 skater taps with right leg

10 clam shells with right leg


(Rebirth Yoga Leggings can be found in the Secret Lives... & JessGo Collection)

10 lateral leg lifts with left leg

10 kick backs with left leg

10 skater taps with left leg

10 clam shells with left leg

 20 hip thrusters 

REST 30 seconds water break

Kettle Bell Workout TABATA: 8 mins

Kettle Bell Swings 8 rounds

40 seconds work

20 seconds Rest

REST 30 seconds water break


Bicycles 10 reps (each side counts as 1 rep) 20 in total

Kayaks 10 reps (each side counts as 1 rep) 20 in total

Push Ups 10 reps

Close Grip Push Up 10 reps

Side Plank with leg raise and knee to elbow 10 per side

Plank 90 secs


I like to make my workouts hard and quick. Not everybody has time or wants to be working out for hours. So here’s my little quickie workout. I wouldn’t say it the hardest but it's definitely not too easy either. Give it a try and see how you feel.

Fun Story From Fiona: 

I have too many leggings - said no woman ever.

Truth be told that expression is very true for me right now. I believe every girl needs a good pair or leggings. It’s like having the perfect red lipstick. Like the lipstick leggings need to be a staple in every woman’s closet. In fact...every girl needs a closet of really great leggings. In my opinion a girl can never really have enough leggings! I didn’t always have a love for leggings. There was a time I absolutely hated leggings. Hear me out. I promise this story has a happy ending.

Flashback to a 12 year old version of myself back in grade 7. Me being the short, scrawny girl with the skinny chicken legs and absolutely no bum. I had found a love for playing sports and running track. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was on a very cold track and field practice day, I didn’t own any leggings so I borrowed leggings from my very muscular Uncle. I didn’t know back then that leggings were actually suppose to be tight. This older boy in grade 8 came running up to me laughing in hysterics and saying “Oh my God! Fiona I’ve never seen anyone wear tights and they were baggy!” He continued to make fun of me by saying “How will you ever run with those skinny legs? You will never be fast” My response to that boy was “Shut up! I’ll show you!” I never wore leggings for years after that comment and I developed a bit of a complex.

Also from that day on the track I started to train hard. My first love was running and shortly after that I fell I love with weight training. Mind you back then I didn’t have the luxury of fitness videos on YouTube or Instagram. I had to resort to the old fashion way by buying Muscle Fitness magazines and stealing the workouts from there. I also learned to record workouts from the tv on my VHS tapes.

Fast forward to present day where I’ve accomplished a lot of different health and fitness goals. From playing competitive roller derby, participating in fitness model shows, learning Muay Thai fighting, training to be a boxer and finishing dozens and dozens of running races under my belt just to name a few. It wasn’t until my 20s where I was actually felt comfortable in wearing leggings. I no longer had skinny little legs and no bum. I had curves and tight muscles. I loved leggings! The brighter the better. My leggings would reflect my personality and being happy in my own skin.

As for the boy I did run into him again. It wasn’t until high school when we had track practice together again. He wanted to race against each other. I’m happy to say I not only beat him but I beat him bad. He will never admit to losing nevermind losing to a girl. A girl he made fun of years ago because she had skinny legs. He will probably say he doesn’t remember that race ever happening. But you know what he did say to me after the race “Well at least you have tights that actually fit.” My response was “Yup. Sure do.”

The thing I will always take from my younger self is to always Be Bold. Be different. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL!




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