Why We Love San Antonio & Why It's So Hard To Say Goodbye!

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Sadly the time has come again where my summer in Ibiza is over. I feel overwhelmingly sad to leave my favourite place on earth, but our last week was definitely one for the books. My sister in law and her husband came to Ibiza for the first time so I literally planned a week of activities that took us to the North, East, South, West and Central! I tried my best to plan a week that would really highlight the best parts of the island.

One of our favourite spots to stay in in the upper west side of San Antonio right beside Cala Des Moro. In that little corner you can find restaurants we love and amazing sunset spots. Zebra, Golden Buddha and Kasbah are within walking distance from our hotel. I’ve mentioned these places in the Ibitha Blog Series Volume 4 “Best Places to Eat in Ibiza” so I won’t go into too much detail here about them but if you are interested you can read more about them here: 


(Photo Taken at Golden Buddha, San Antonio, Ibiza) 

When we first decided to stay in San Antonio it was about 5 or 6 years ago and we found a hotel called the Gran Sol. The photos online looked great and they called themselves “The Friendly Hotel” and after many experiences in Ibiza with some not so friendly moments, we were hopeful that the Gran Sol would live up to this promise. I am very happy to report that in all the years that we have been going to this hotel we have never had a bad experience. The staff at the reception are always super friendly and helpful and any time we needed any help, directions or advice on anything they have gone out of their way to help us. 

We stayed for two weeks this time and they were able to accommodate some last minute changes. The price of the hotel is very reasonable and they have free wifi. I found out that the hotel is a family run business started in 1969 by the grandfather and his brother. Everyone that works there is part of the immediate and extended family. One of the managers actually met his wife when she came to Ibiza in the 70s on vacation with her friends and she fell in love and never left! I love staying at places like this where you know people have worked so hard and dedicated their lives to the family business. I think that is really special. Every year we stay, we notice changes happening. Every winter the close so they can renovate and make improvements to the hotel. I noticed this year the wifi was much stronger and all the stairs and stair wells were brand new and looking super modern.

The rooms themselves are spacious, the bathroom is big and when you have big curly hair like me you need a lot of space to blow dry and get ready so there is more than enough room. The beds are two single beds pushed together which is great if you are travelling with a friend and still works when you are with your significant other. The rooms are very clean, and cleaning is done every day if you want.

We left for the weekend and we were able to lock our luggage in their luggage room. They actually have lockers with locks that you can choose the code to which really put our minds at ease when doing this. Overall, we really love this hotel and it has become a home to us every trip we take to Ibiza. You can take a look at their website here: http://www.hotelgransol.net/en

The first day they arrived, the weather was really gloomy so we couldn’t get to the beach as planned. So we attempted to go into Ibiza town to walk around and show them Dalt Villa. Note to self, this is a bad plan in the month of August as everyone else on the island had the same idea. We spent over an hour in traffic only to turn around and head back to San An. We ended up going for a quick walk on the board walk and then went for the infamous meat platter at Zebra for dinner instead. After dinner, we went for the sunset at Golden Buddha and enjoyed cava sangria into the evening.

(Photos Taken in Upper West Side of San Antoni, Ibiza)

Thankfully, the next day was gorgeous and we were able to get on with our plans. We had breakfast at Kasbah and then went to Cala D’Hort for beach and THE famous Paellea at Cala D’Hort restaurant. I’ve been dying to check out Cova Santa for a few years and since we travel so much on the weekends we always miss the Music On after parties so when I saw there was a new party this year on Wednesdays called WooMoon I was all in. We decided to check it out this year and would have been totally down to go, but the cost for a ticket at the door was far more than we were willing to spend for an hour or so and the parking situation was shady and disastrous so we decided to head into Playa D’En Bossa for the HYTE pre-party at Tantra instead. We hung for a bit and then walked around playa to show the fam the old stomping grounds, grabbed some pizza and then called it a night and headed back to San An. 

(Photos Taken @ Cala D'Hort Restaurant, and Tantra in Playa D'En Bossa, Ibiza)

(Photo of our Ibiza Magic Bodycon Dress On Location @ Es Vedra Where All the Ibiza Magic Happens! Check it out @ www.secretlivesotw.com)

Thursday we went to the East side of the island to have lunch at a gorgeous spot called Amante. I definitely mentioned it in the last food blog but I have included some pictures below of the dishes we ordered this time. We ordered octopus and croquettes, salad and fresh juice and it was awesome. After lunch, we headed up to Portinax in the North because it was definitely one of the most beautiful beaches we have been to yet. We went home around 6pm as we had dinner reservations at Bambuddha around 10:15pm. We caught the tail end of the sunset at Kumharas in the West end too! Crazy day of driving from one end of the island to the other but it was worth it.

 (Photoss Taken at Amante Beach Club, Sant Eulalia, Ibiza) 

(Photo Taken at Cala Portinax Petit, North Ibiza)

(Photo Taken at Kumharas, Cala De Bou, West End, Ibiza)

Friday was our last day together so we wanted to go out with a bang. We decided to go to our special spot Port Des Torrent. It’s how we started the trip, so most appropriate to end the vacation there as well. We spent the day at the beach and had lunch at Imagine Bar and hung out until around 4pm. we headed over to Cala Conta for one last sunset and then made our way over to Zebra once again and then like a dream, it was over. (insert sad face here) 

(Photo Taken at Port Des Torrent Beach, Ibiza)

(Photos Taken @ Imagine Bar, Zebra, Cala Conta & Port Des Torrent, West Side, Ibiza) 

I don’t know what the future holds for me and Ibiza, but in my mind I am there forever. Until next time…


(Photo Taken @ Cala Conta, Sant Josep, Ibiza)

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